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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below you'll find some of our frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with additional or event specific questions.

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What is the maximum capacity?
250 guests.

Is the venue available for year round rental?
For 2021 and 2022 we will be booking events through the middle of October. We plan on being able to host events later into December for the 2023 year.

Are you allowed to just rent the venue?
For 2021 we will provide all of the catering for our weddings and other special     events.
Beginning in 2022, we still prefer that we do all the catering, as we know our venue and kitchen best. However, if a wedding couple would like to use their own licensed caterer they can for an additional $750 kitchen rental fee. This fee gives access to our full kitchen.

Can we decorate the space?

Yes, you are allowed to decorate as you wish to make the space your own. However, we do not allow confetti.  We prefer you hang decorations with florist wire, zip ties or string. Decorations may be hung on the pavilion walls with permission from our staff. Candles are allowed in the pavilion.

Do I need event insurance?

If Van Fleet's Grove is providing the catering, you do not need event insurance. If the space is being rented out and another caterer is providing the food, you will need to provide event insurance. We have information that can be provided to you regarding this.

Do you provide alcohol? 

Our facility is BYOB. We have keg systems that can be used and we work with     local beer distributors to deliver the beer prior to your event.

We require that if you are having a full bar, that there must be a RAMP certified     bartender serving the alcohol. If you are unable to find one, a RAMP certified bartender can be provided to you for an additional fee.



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